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October 24, 2007


Steve White

I don't want to be off topic, but I noticed this blog on the Recorder web page right underneath a story about me. I have not read the story about me yet, but if anyone is interested in it, please email me at boatbrain @ aith any questions.


my comments are located at read on stay straight and GOP

Steve White

I wrote a letter to the editor of the Recorder to tell them I was kind of disappointed that they did not give any of the reasons for my complaints against Orloff in the article.

Very briefly, I was a whistleblower when Orloff and Judge Barbara Miller tried to cover up the crimes of Martin Nakahara, who is the older brother of Judge Vernon Nakahara.

Martin Nakahara was a prominent East Bay lawyer who embezzled from an estate. I will not give all the details here, but the point is, I discovered the crimes, reported them to both Judge Miller, and the DA's office, and found out they were not going to take any action, so I put out some leaflets near the courthouse to tell the public, and got attacked for that.

Sorry if this was off topic but the article about me was right over top of the link to this one and there seems to be a mutual theme of people with gripes.

FYI also - Judge Miller was my divorce judge, but unlike the attorney in this article she did nothing I had any gripe with in the divorce, until helping to cover up for her fellow judge's brother.

Steve White

One more comment about my own case.

The charge against me was dismissed after I made a motion for disqualfication of the DA's office, and then subpoenaed Tom Orloff and Nancy O'Malley, numbers 1 and 2 in that office, to the hearing.

Bottom line, they preferred to let the case go rather than testify, which I think says a lot.

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