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October 31, 2006


Sarah Randag

Dear Blawg 100 honoree,

The results of the 3rd Annual Blawg 100 readers’ poll are in and can be found online here:

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Happy blogging in 2010.


Sarah Randag
Web Editor
ABA Journal
[email protected]

Michael L. Wagner

Here I'm articulating how I'm the target of a murder conspiracy on the part of Govt. officials!!!

Relatively recently, I brought suit in District Ct for the Northern District of CA (Michael L. Wagner v. Laurie Smith, Sheriff), however, the judge denied my Motion for Recusal, though I'd previously named him as a defendant, then the Ct of Appeals wrongly invalidated my informa pauperis status, wrongly stating that the rules of the Ct state that no Motion for Reconsideration can be filed or entertained!!!!!!!!!

Ramona Mayon

Too Big to jail - or even accuse - in San Francisco: New online book DOCUMENTS the conspiracy (1998-2001) between San Francisco's City Attorneys' Office & Children Protective Services & S.F.P.D. to protect the firefighters' union (I.A.F.F. local #798) from our allegations of theft of U.S. mail & sabotage. What's worse than the crime? Everybody knows it's the cover-up, but what's worse than the cover-up? That's when those in charge of those who were looking the other way keep on climbing into ever-bigger seats of power.

Specifically, I refer to the two deputy city attorneys overseeing the three foul custody trials (and a futile, concurrent appeal all the way to the California Supremes) that forced us to remain here to file (and win a settlement signed 12 July 1999) in San Francisco courts rather than have a real (i.e. FEDERAL) trial back home in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana Federal Courthouse, where we have family and land outside Lafayette, Louisiana. In charge of the deputy city attorneys who prosecuted child abuse/neglect were those two political bluebloods: Katherine Feinstein (1998-2000) now a judge and on the panel for Judicial Performance and recently voted 'Judge of the Year' by the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association and this week elected to be the presiding judge of the Superior Court of San Francisco (also the daughter of California's senior senator) and Kamala Harris (2000-2003) now the twice-elected D.A. and running hard for California Attorney General (also the former mistress of then-Mayor Willie Brown). Her brother-in-law, Tony West was recently hand-picked as assistant attorney general of the civil rights division of the Justice Department.

Nobody in America should be as afraid as I am. My husband was brutally attacked the day we received the final draft of the lawsuit against the firefighters' union (16 Dec 1999); indeed, it happened the very hour I was at the attorney's office. Quite a message that was to come home to. He was hospitalized over a month. But we filed anyway - and signed a settlement on #300155 six months later. I am blowing up my quiet little world forever and I mourn that deeply, but the only way to expose corruption is to expose yourself. This is no 'he said, she said' story they can all side-step: I have documented almost four dozen pieces of terroristic threat, malice-in-law, perjury in court petitions, tampering, suppression, and manufacturing of documenting evidence that show our children were use as political pawns.

This manuscript is available only online in an instant-view format @ 75% of that paper is marked confidential and comes with its own penal code. But it will be the D.A.'s office that has to file on it though...that's a conflict-of-interest even by San Francisco loose standards! If I get gagged, at least I can welcome the opportunity to argue in open court before full press that the City breached the judicial firewall - not I - because those with dirty hands cannot hide them behind the cloak of confidentiality.

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