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July 03, 2012


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I agree that certiorari before judgment is appropriate with the Golinski and Windsor cases.

In addition, this case should be consolidated with the following cases, if litigants seeks Supreme Court review.

Perry v. Brown, 671 F.3d 1052 (9th Cir. Feb. 5, 2012)

Dragovich v. Dep’t. of the U.S. Treasury, No. 10-01564 (9th Cir.)

In addition, these cases should also be consolidated if litigants seek Supreme Court review following a decision on the merits.
In Re Marriage of J.B. and H.B., No. 11-0024 (Tx. Sup. Ct.)
Bishop v. United States, No. 04-848 (N.D. Okla.)
Pedersen v. OPM, No. 10-1750 (D. Conn.)

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In the meantime, the public can report illegal immigration and illegal residence in Beijing


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Definitely surprised to see that the Ninth Circuit ruling of 1990 is being taken to task like this.

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Limit the amount of financial transactions over the internet and databases that you give your information to.


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In the Massachusetts case, both the district court and the First Circuit ruled that DOMA does not meet rational basis review. That's the least stringent test of equal protection

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Showing up to obtain status or information is another action that is frowned upon.

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A family law attorney specializes in the family law relationships which encompass adoption.

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