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July 24, 2012


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"is incorrect" is that like lying? Sounds like anger management time. Let opposing counsel bring up the lie. Sould counsel also ask the appelate court for a change in venue to a new courtroom?

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Dit is die behoorlike weblog vir iemand wat nodig het om uit te vind oor hierdie onderwerp te soek. Jy besef 'n baie vir sy feitlik moeilike om te argumenteer met jou (nie dat ek eintlik nodig sou wees ... haha). Jy het beslis 'n nuwe spin op 'n onderwerp dis al geskryf oor vir die jaar. Nice stuff, net groot!

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You need to set up a budget so you have a clear idea of how much you can spend on building your new house.

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Working people tend to be quite busy, and value their time immensely.

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the more you fight something, the more anxious you become ---the more you''re involved in a bad pattern, the more difficult it is to escape.

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