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April 17, 2012



This reminds me of an episode of the old "Lou Grant" TV show, which was about a newspaper reporter who was fired from a TV station (yes, it was WJM-TV) and who went to work as an editor a Los Angeles newspaper.

One of his reporters tells him about a local judge that was very strict about observers in his courtroom. To see for himself, he went to the courtroom, saw some things that were a bit disturbing, and then tried to leave. The judge would not let him and had him arrested and imprisoned. The rest of the hour-long show was about his difficulty in getting released.

Ginny LaRoe

I love the "Lou Grant" TV show. It was on the oldies TV station when I was a kid. Maybe that's where I got the idea to be a journalist.

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Uno de sus reporteros le habla de un juez local que era muy estricto en cuanto a los observadores en la sala de audiencias. Para ver por sí mismo, se dirigió a la sala del tribunal

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Einer seiner Reporter erzählt ihm von einem lokalen Richter, die sehr streng, was Beobachter in seinem Gerichtssaal war. Um für sich selbst sehen, ging er in den Gerichtssaal

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I love the "Lou Grant" TV show. It was on the oldies TV station when I was a kid. Maybe that's where I got the idea to be a journalist.

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