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July 08, 2011


Robert Finney PhD

California Judiciary Rigs Small Claims Courts
Original investigation discovered an unconstitutional scheme that has enabled the California judiciary to deny 3,500,000 taxpayers their Constitutional rights to due process and access in all Small Claims Courts in the State of California during the past decade.
The Judicial Council acted in concert with other entities to propose, draft, approve, and implement a state-wide Small Claims Court Form, fraudulently misrepresenting that petitioners/respondents have no legal right to request that small claims courts’ judgments be corrected and/or cancelled on the basis of clerical and/or legal error.
Letter to Chief Justice is posted on
The Chief Justice and the California Administrative Office of the Courts have responded that the Small Claims forms should be revised.
Robert D. Finney PhD

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(Committee counsel's junior associate managed to sue "CITBANK" in the caption. Nice proofreading.)

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