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January 18, 2011


Jovi Faamaligi

Jim was a gift, and I was fortunate a few years ago to work with him. My most adored boss, ever! He had a classy and bright spirit one wishes all could possess. We vied for position to watch him defend in trial, and not at his request but because he was so impressive to watch; so calm and always organized with his facts. Very sad indeed - a man well-loved. I feel immensely blessed to have known such a giant in the realm of integrity! Much love to the family, Jovi

Elizabeth Skane

Words can not begin to explain my sorrow to hear of Jim's passing. He was without question a man who profoundly affected all of those around him. He was without question, a superior trial lawyer, but he was also a great human being. I learned just today of his death, and at this same time last year, was embroiled in trial with him. What a pleasure he was in a court room, and even more so outside the courtroom. He was a genuine, caring, and charming individual that I think of often. I cannot express what a loss he is to the legal community, and to the wider community as a whole. My most sincere condolences and sympathies to he and his family.

Barry G. Kaiman

It is with sadness that I write this note to Edith and her family offering my condolences for Jim's passing. Jim was always a gentleman who taught us all the value of civilty both inside and outside the courtroom. We will all cherish our experiences with him.

Mark Murray

I had worked with Jim for the past 20 years...he was always brilliant, energetic, insightful, funny and always a considerate gentleman. He is such a loss to us all who had the opportunity to cross paths with his life. However, I am honored to have known and worked with him and considered him a friend.

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