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June 11, 2010


Howaboutsuckit Carr hasnt much to be proud about this is how she allows criminal defendents relatives and counsel to act in Santa Clara County, I would of thought she might have at least responded to her own correspondance.


A white collar crime is a non-violent act involving deception, typically committed by a business person or public official. Evidence in a white collar crime usually involves a "paper trail," of evidence that investigators use to prosecute the case. Maybe Carr's DA should of checked it out instead of put the paper work I brought her into the recycle bin?


Its even more upsetting all of these lovely people used the same attorney Francis R Cole State Bar 219081 who is some sort of charlatan himself by the name of Robert Owen Cole, 666 and admits a prison prior and a charge of assault likely to produce GBI with a weapon other than a gun. Nice! Thats why I made police reports on Oct 5,2009 Oct. 13 and 14 2009, Thanksgiving Day 2009, Dec.22 2009 consequently those two officers seemed to be the only one's who could get their minds around a very non complex conspiracy of fruad, who had a clear handle on all of this. Thank you Officer Rosedin for not making me feel stupid and the other officer also. Then again on Dec 28th when Cole came snaking around my house which must be a bar violation at least making service on a 12 year old an interrogating him - (a witness to his clients folly no less) Since when do criminal defence attorneys come to the victims house to harrass the children? Maybe I can call Nancy Grace and ask her? Moreover, when I called the police to make a report they just flat out lied with four people in the house the entire night and said they came to the door and knocked and no one answered. If Frank Cole is such a good guy and wonderful person to do all that he did in the name of the LAW- doesnt he just write Barrister after ESQ for Judicial Economy and Effienciency that way all the Judges time he wastes and the tax payers dollars are easier to track for the State? Never mind the city code enforment and animal control as well. No such thing as a harmless crime every pays for it, one way or another except I dont know why I have to keep on paying for it still?

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