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May 14, 2010


Brad Henschel, JD

The rating system is false. Anyone who has been a member of the State Bar for either 5 or 10 years is qualified to be a judge. The word qualified simply means that a person has the legal qualifications for that office. Anyone with the time in as an active bar member is qualified, so that the phrase "not qualified" is misleading and FALSE! The ratings should be two ONLY, Qualified and Well Qualified, period.

Saying a qualified judicial candidate is "Not Qualified" misleads the non-Law School Trained public into thinking such person does not qualify to hold that office, which isn't true at all.
This is just another example of the unhealthy political agenda of the State Bar to control poitics in California.
The two Chairs of the State Senate and Assembly are lawyers who rubber stamp ALL legislation the State Bar wants passed, which makes legal services cost too much for the average citizen to afford.
The State Bar is supposed to be a public corporation, but does not itself follow or obey corporation laws in CA. Moreover, the State Bar Corporation spends around $300,000 a year lobbying the state legislature to keep it's monopoly on legal services so that paralegals cannot deliver low cost legal services to the public in violation of the Sherman Anti-trust act.
The State Bar was fined $2000 for violating the State Political laws on lobbying in 1998 and it's real estate director was just convicted of stealing 2/3 of a Million dollars over 7 years, not noticed by the State Bar officials.
There is a reason people don't trust lawyers, and the false statements made by the JENE commision is a good example.

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