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April 27, 2010


Naomi Litvin

I can't believe that Chris Kelly thinks that he could go from being Facebook's lawyer to Attorney General of California! Do the people of CA want him as CA's top cop, the guy who was totally apathetic to all of the Jihadist online terrorist anti-semitism that Facebook allows and enables?

For more information on Facebook's horrible behavior, which occurred during Chris Kelly's watch there, please see The Jewish Internet Defense force's article: The JIDF Guide to Hostile Facebook Groups Also see: Online Anti-Semitism - “Imagine if Hitler had Facebook” by Andre Oboler

There are other issues that Chris Kelly, as Facebook's attorney, did not take care of. Just today, U.S. Senators called out Facebook on ‘Instant Personalization’, and other Privacy Issues.

Chris Kelly has just recently quit Facebook. Please do not vote for Chris Kelly.

bob jones

What has our country come to when you have folks who think they can just write themselves checks and buy an election or office. first Mr. Chris Kelly needs to figure out how to be a top cop in law enforcement, just because you went to law school and worked as the "privacy attorney" at Face book, does not mean you have the since and knowledge to be the next Attorney General. And lets be frank bout things Mr. kelly, you are attacking Kamala Harris because she is the front runner in this race and you are afraid of that..... anytime someone needs to pay folks to come out and say negative things about someone to win a race is low as it gets its almost a crime MR... Kelly of Facebook,,,,,,,How dare you think by throwing mud at Kamala Harris that the citizens of California are stupid enough to vote for you... Kelly you have never stepped foot in a criminal court room and sent a person who has committed a criminal offense to prison so try being a prosecutor first and in bout 15 years run again for this office by then California will be ready for an attorney who's worked at facebook.........

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