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March 15, 2010



California's new courthouses are coming in at more than three times and nearly as much as four times as expensive as any construction cost estimator in the nation - and even the U.S. General Services Administrations costs for building courthouses.

Judge McCoy has a point. If the AOC were looking for value as opposed to rushing all of these courthouse projects into construction all at one time, then the processes of cost controls might provide value to the taxpayer. However, this is not the AOC way. The AOC way is to spend whatever the developers tell them they need to spend (typically over $1,000.00 per square foot when every construction cost estimator in the country says somewhere around $264.00 per square foot)

The judiciary - and by extension the people of the state of California stand to lose 3.2 billion dollars in the fiasco known as court construction - all the while the AOC's office of court construction and management decries that the public contract code does not apply to the AOC or the Judicial Branch.

We wish to remind readers why the public contract code exists and why "claiming an exemption" to public contract code is a really bad idea, a threat to the judiciary and a threat to the people and the economic health of the people of the state of california and the state itself.

The sole purpose of the public contract code is to reduce cronyism, fraud and corruption in public contracting! When any government agency claims an exemption to a code that is designed to prevent corruption a forensic audit looking for said corruption should be initiated.

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