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March 31, 2010


Mari-Lynne Earls

Vanessa Zecher is singlulary unqualified to be a judge. in 2003, she advised me to sign a settlement agreement that violated the terms of a college trust fund after telling family court that the court had no jurisdiction over the trust fund. She will be called to testify in both a civil suit over the trust's fraudulent use for child support in Alameda and a motion to void the settlement in Santa Clara, fraud upon the court and lack of jurisdiction. When both she and opposing counsel and the Trust state that the Trust cannot be used in a child support hearing and then she tells her client to sign and that the judges are 'ill-prepared, ill-tempered, or just plain ill', she shows a total lack of respect for the judiciary and ignores the rights of children and their college trust fund. All documented in her emails and statements to family court; 2002 Earls v Amdahl

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