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March 01, 2010


Disability Insurance

This should be an interesting case to watch unfold. It is always interesting to see these emotions still running wild after years of stewing. Hope this puts an end to this long ordeal.


I suspect that Wang is a seven or eight year associate who is feeling the pressure of making partner vs. not making partner. IMHO, that decision is a no-brainer; she made a stupid comment and deserves what she is getting (or won't get.) MoFo should pay up and put this behind them. I still remember "101 California" as do most "seasoned" lawyers. You simply do not make these statements in law firms, even if in jest. I suspect that as soon as the check is written, Wang will be looking elsewhere for work. Curious to know what happened to the police report filed against Yang. Did her [alleged] threat ever help her find her fax? ha, ha.

IP in SF

The last comment is inane. A young associate's silly remark during a stressful moment is no basis for a disability claim or a wrongful termination suit. No rational person would truly think that this associate would bring an automatic rifle to work. Are we all so sensitive that every comment should be taken in a hyper-literal manner. The case should be dismissed on demurrer. Ms. Yang has clearly suffered enough.


IP in SF: What planet do live on?


Wang is probably an unpleasant person to work for, and the secretary is probably one of those people you don't want to hire because they are overly sensetive and complain more than being productive. Although, Wang probably learned something here. The secretary?


sacotomatoes, I don't think it fair to call someone who has lived through a shooting incident in the workplace as "overly sensitive."

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Wow this is not good news. Hope this all gets sorted out accordingly.

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