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March 17, 2010



Is campaigning for the AG's office governed by Rule 1-400? it seems like campaigning for that office is a "message or offer made by or on behalf of a member concerning the availability for professional employment" as the State's attorney general.

If so (and even if not), did Eastman violate Rule 1-400(D)(1) and (2) by being untrue? Answer probably depends on what Jackley's office says.

But, even if he's got some acting AAG role, did he violate 1-400(D)(3) by omitting facts "necessary to make the statements made . . . not misleading" (i.e., by failing to identify the limited nature of his role)?

Even if Rule 1-400 doesn't apply, if Eastman's claim is misleading, isn't it unethical (and perhaps discipline-worthy) conduct in any event?


Okay, now that I've read the appointment, I would say that his representation is not outright false. But the 1-400(D)(3) question stands. Any takers?

Tim Kowal

I took up the question here:

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