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January 26, 2010


Steve White

Is it really credible that O'Malley did not know about a fundraiser organized by a Contra Costa DA, and publicized by email to all the staff in the office? If that is the legal crux of the issue, whether O'Malley knew about it or not, then O'Malley can make a formal statement to the AG's office regarding the investigation they are undedtaking, and release that statement to the public contermporaneously, rather than making legally irrelevant denials in the press. I don't know anything about Dan O'Malley, but I've caught his sister lying to the press numerous times, (Google up "Nancy O'Malley" and "Alameda County Family Justice Center" and you should find my postings) and the truth is, the apple usually falls close to the tree.

Steve White

Another quick comment, not everyone knows that O'Malley's father was both the District Attorney and the Presiding Judge of Contra Costa County. I think this extremely privileged position has resulted in the kids being arrogant about lying to the press, or being loose about the law. They are just to used to being able to do what they want, most likely.

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