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December 01, 2009


Larry Watanabe

Petra- I am truly very curious why the publication continues to quote Gary Davis and Carl Baier on deals they are NEVER remotely close to or affiliated with??? Are they on the payroll? Always last to know but armed and ready for a quote of some sort. Quite sad.

Larry Watanabe

Here's a question- despite the literal hundreds (600+) of partner deals my firm has handled and the various offline quotes proffered by Carl Baier and Gary Davis, have they ever handled a single ONE which was run by The Recorder??? My strong suspicion is NO. Not a single one. Each article accurately states they were not involved but were nonetheless at the "ready" for a quote. Why not call my 14 year-old son? He has far more experience in being a part of deals than either one. Combined.

Oh Just Shut Up...

Dear "Larry" or random placement firm whiner,

You may know lateral placement, but you don't know much about news and how it's gathered. Your comments are more juvenile than your kid. You sound like all those lawyers who would complain to internal PR staff about all the other firms' lawyers being quoted in the media. Bunch of big, whining babies. So jealous of the attention. So eager to deliver a pithy quote. And yet so unschooled in media relations.

Not Carl Baier or Gary Davis.

Larry Watanabe

Yes, while I clearly understand and am experienced in lateral placement, I also understand how news is generated. How it is "gathered" is another story. Nonetheless those lawyers who you claim to be "whining babies" is nothing of the sort. It has nothing to do with being "jealous of the attention" but rather a matter of merit, credibility, genuine expertise. Clearly you have neither and therefore feel compelled to take up air space just as ??? "Not Carl Baier or Gary Davis". ???

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