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August 24, 2009


Steve Vender

Kamela Harris talking about gang enforcement, a bit of a bitter joke to me. I am a criminal defense investigator who spent a year and a half fighting a homicide case brought by Kamela's office, an office that sought to make a case that was really self-defense into a gang case. Kamela's office spent hundreds of thousands of dollars prosecuting a case that should have never been charged. We went through two trials and all sorts of drama in between trials that cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands more, and in the end Kamela's office was trying to send a guy to State prison for life because he defended himself against a notorious Norteno gangmember who was also a confidential informant for the San Francisco Police Department's Gang Task Force. This gang member was committing crimes in The Mission with impunity because he was being protected by Gang Task Force. Anytime Kamela would like to talk about gang enforcement, I'm available.

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