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July 14, 2009


Donald Edmond, Esq.

I understand the idea of cartel members engaging in business practices that are against their economic interests, but this isn't it. For example, remember the cigarette/movie theater cases where the defendants gave flimsy excuses for lowering prices (evading whether they were conspiring to do so)...but I cannot imagine how offering a good or service for free (even if you intended to charge for it later) would be a restraint of trade or abuse of natural monopoly since there is little to nothing keeping a competitor from offering a substitute at the same price (free) and attempting the same thing with regard to charging for it later. I do not subscribe to "free" being an antitrust issue. Reversing Dr. Miles and allowing minimum price agreements to be enforced by that's an antitrust issue.


Wired’s Chris Anderson uses the semiconductor battles of the 80's - perhaps the Microsoft case of the 90's might have been more compelling.

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