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June 10, 2009



Why would you leave a bonafide employer to work with a startup with limited if any funding, no reputation, and little work; this simply doesn't pass the smell test? I'm with you Zusha, you nailed this one! and the email from Mr. Siino serves as confirmation! This was without doubt a Mcfall on your ass! But wait, wasn't Mr Siino an ex-Yahoo too, I seem to remember your quote "mutual separation" from Y!

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Where does one draw the line? Every serious writer by now should be aware of Google's plan to clean up the Internet which Google maintains is a success.

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The nominal value of all outstanding over-the-counter derivative contracts in the West is now reported to be between $1.2 quadrillion and $4.0 quadrillion. World Gross Domestic Product is around $60 trillion a year. Do you detect a slight problem with the mathematics?

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I like all details that you provide in your articles.


I like all details that you provide in your articles.

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