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June 03, 2009



I'm not surprised to hear that Keurig machines have become immensely popular at law firms. But Keurig coffee isn't great just for law firms; it can save your marriage. Okay -- that's a bit strong, but honestly, drinking it can help ensure domestic tranquility. My husband and I no longer argue about how strong to make the coffee; we just make individuals cups of our favorite blends. Run out and buy a Keurig machine today!

SF Lawyer

The coffee's not that great and it's terribly wasteful, generating a steady stream of wasted little plastic cups. Get a real coffee machine and a staff.


Wasteful indeed. And Keurig is owned by Green Mountain Coffee, a company that pretends to be environmentally conscious and lies to its consumers by feigning a progressive Vermont attitude. Love their product, hate their wastefulness.


If you are worried about the quality of the coffee in the K-cups then I can tell you, that you can buy empty reusable k-cups which you can fill with the coffee of your choice. Even tea if you prefer.

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