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May 21, 2009



Yeah, this article is a lie. Take it from a people who worked there rather than a writing kissing the firm's butt; LBBS is not the place to work. They are losing clients like other law firms and are doing lay offs. The only reason this firm isn't folding is because they're cheap with their employees; low pay, horrible benefits, and no contribution whatsoever to pension/401k/retirement. If I was looking for a job, I'd look elsewhere.


I agree with the previous posting. The article is a complete LIE! I worked for lbbs and it sucked. The non-equity partner I worked for was so stupid and most equity partners at the firm agree. The firm is so cheap with salaries, raises, and terrible benefits. They treat their employees like crap. I worked long hours and weekends, and in the end my bonus/ salary increase did not reflect my sweat.

Also, HR lies saying that salaries are locked when in fact they are negotiable. I know a very good attorney at lbbs making only $95k and a very lousy one making $135k.

Don't work there unless you want to be overworked and underpaid! But if you get an offer, negotiate!


I too agree with the two previous posts. LBBS is a rotten place to work for. I've worked for many law firms in the past and I've never seen this kind of treatment of staff. It's completely apparent that equity partners are making a ton while the rest are stuggling.stay away from this firm!

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