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April 08, 2009



Maybe you didn't attend the same debate that I did. Or maybe you just read the Cliff's notes.

And since you wasted 3 full paragraphs trying to be clever and devoted 2 to substance, I almost feel bad pointing out that one of those 2 gives a wrong account of the exchange.

What the student pointed out was that Russoniello's reading from a member of the Shafer Commission report didn't contradict anything that Elford said. And incidentally, you seem to gloss over the biggest point. Elford's was a description of the the findings of the report (titled "Marihuana, A Signal of Misunderstanding). Then Russoniello read the comments of one commissioner who didn't fully agree with the findings that were finally published.

So Russoniello quoted a guy who was commenting, after the report's release, on being overruled by the rest of the Commission. Apparently his concerns about legalization were considered by the Commission and dismissed. And Russoniello thought this was a good argument?

And you didn't point out how silly this is?


Oh wait wait wait one more.

When Russoniello made the claim that every single dispensing collective in California was out of compliance with Attorney General Jerry Brown's guidelines, he used as evidence a quote from an article.

The article's title, which Elford made him say out loud to the audience (and you forget to mention here), was "Brown: SOME(emphasis mine) Pot Dispensaries May Be Illegal".

And the quote Russoniello used??


But seriously, I'm glad you think he "more than held his own" in the debate.



Hastings 1L

I was there. It was a drag that some people tried to turn what was supposed to be an informative panel into a policy debate. If it was going to be a debate, obviously Russoniello was going to win. He's been doing this for 40 years and he's quite used to hecklers by now.

Elford could have been better prepared and less slippery. He tried to point out how unfortunate it is that a "gray area" in the law can result in a 10-year mandatory minimum. Oh, the injustice! Wait, how much possession are we talking about for such a sentence? 1,000 Kgs. That's right, a metric ton. That would supply most state colleges for a year.


It shouldn't even be debated. Pot is a relatively harmless substance (compare to most things we ingest), and consumption in the privacy of our own home should be protected by the Constitution (i.e., the right to privacy in the "penumbra" of certain amendments). JR is a fascist and has no business being the US Attorney for the Bay Area.

Credit Card Lawsuit

The event, moderated by Hastings professor Rory Little (who showed little shame about tearing into his slices with the aplomb of an Arcata agriculturalist),

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