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December 30, 2008



The "Staff" page at the website is... interesting. It curiously starts be referring to "Smith Jones and Associates," and features, Nancy Smith, who "earned her J.D. Degree from Anystate University in 1995," Greg Smith, who "received his J.D. degree from Northern Anystate School of Law," and Ben Franklin, an "associate partner" who "earned his J.D. degree from Western Anystate School of Law."

Definitely the attorneys I'd want at my back if I were in trouble.

Anonymous Contract Lawyer

Only the home page is "real." And with that photo I suspect he may be fake. The rest is, at best, lazy website development and at worst a violation of Professional Responsibility re advertising.


I like how they are all members of "Anytown" Bar Associations.

Pacific Reporter

This guys firm is a total fraud! Look at the lawyers listed under "staff". They all have degrees from fake universities. Schweitzer is totally violating PR rules.

The Recorder

I don't believe it's intentional fraud. It appears Mr. Schweitzer's firm is using a commonly marketed web template for small law firms, but has only built out the home page so far. They really ought to "turn off" the ancillary pages though.

Eric H. Schweitzer

Yes, the Law Firm is Real. Obviously, we inadvertently allowed this website under construction to go online. We apologise for any inconvenience it may have caused those who couldn't intuit the obvious. (My degree is in law, not computers.)

I recently received one cryptic phone call regarding our Registered Trademark (Real Lawyers at Affordable Prices) name. Nobody advised me that the under construction website was being viewed. The ugly comments in your website were brought to my attention, and the problem is being handled.

So, best wishes to all. Ardent hopes that you will find more interesting things to write about in the near future. And, by the way, it was Foster v. City of Coalinga (Not Foster City, v. Coalinga, as you erroneously reported.).

I am proud to have been one of Mr. Foster's lawyers in that case. Sure, we lost. 9 out of 10 civil rights cases will go that way. But when the cops take a set on nunchackus to a man's head for riding his bicycle some three houses down from his home (and for refusing to follow orders I suppose), sombody has to speak up, lest this turn into the sort of a place where nobdy says anything.


Eric H. Schweitzer

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