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November 12, 2008


paige hamm

I think that Fields should be locked up for a long time I mean not even one apology. I think that Fields should have the worst punishment he can get he's a big jerk and needs to be locked up end of story


If this guy Fields really did all this stuff, why should a few character witnesses matter. This guy Fields should step up and be a man. Take responsibility for his actions, deal with the consequences, and move on with his life.


The idea that Mr. Field is "remorseless", as Mike McKee calls him, is absurd. He gave moving testimony at his State Bar about how this experience has changed him and the way he practices. As for the character witnesses mentioned by commenter Melanie, it certainly should matter to hear from crime victims who had an advocate in Mr. Field, or defense attorneys who were treated fairly by Mr. Field, or judges who attested to his skill and character. The idea that the State Bar Court could "easily" disbar him is equally absurd. Mike McKee appears to have bought into the State Bar's narrative. He should look at the facts.

The assertion of the State Bar and its counsel, one Donald Steedman, that no one dare disagree with Mr. Field is preposterous. It is the State Bar with whom no one dare disagree. The Bar's ad hominem attack on Mr. Field in its reply briefing is all there is in that filing; it is only four pages and declines to address or revisit almost all of the legal and factual points raised in Allan Ruby's closing brief on behalf of Mr. Field. Mr. Steedman is reduced to schoolyard "I'm rubber, you're glue" taunts because the Bar lacks the facts to make its case against Mr. Field.

Lawyers need to be very concerned about the State Bar's new found ardor for bringing charges against prosecutors and defense attorneys. If its action against Mr. Field is any indication, the Bar will be coming after you, second-guessing your judgments made in the heat of the moment and inventing new standards of practice as they go. Woe will be to you if you do not bow down and beg for forgiveness but instead try to defend yourself and your practice career by deigning to explain your actions. So to the self-satisfied commenters who want to pile on to Mr. Field, be warned: you may be next on the State Bar's list.

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