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June 09, 2008


Bob Outis

I also encourage readers to check out Joe Nocera's column in NYTimes re the Lerach Lament.
He says about all there is that needs to be said on the subject.


Oh please, Lerach is a convicted felon. It is amazing how much sympathy he gets from Cal Law -- Have you ever seen such favorable coverage of a lawyer who blatantly violated the law and shows no remorse?

As to the idea that Lerach defended the little guy against big corporations, that is a joke. Lerach sued as soon as the stock price dropped and then engaged in a war of attrition against the big corporations whose executives had more important things to do than sit in days of endless depositions (certainly the stockholders would have preferred that the execs spent the time running their companies). Eventually, encouraged by their insurers, the companies would settle for pennies on the millions of dollars that Lerach initially sought. Lerach would retain a huge chunk of the loot for himself and a small amount would find its way to the putative plaintiffs -- most of whom never would have pursued the lawsuit to begin with.

Lerach abused the legal system and overall had a highly negative effect on our economy and society. He is arrogant and self-righteous and obviously feels he is above the law. Two years is too short.

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