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April 07, 2008



From what I've read, I have a crush on Steve Wagstaffe.

Steve White

You might take a careful look at this link, Page 10 and onwards in particular, to see another side of this man:

This is about a case where Wagstaffe tried to prevent the parole of a man who had been an exemplary prisoner, and been subjected to extreme provocation to commit his crime, and, even according to Wagstaffe himself, had not been adequately represented at trial.

Unless wit is worth a lot more to you than character, you should rethink your crush.


Steve Wagstaffe is a very weak manager and can't manage people well at all. People think he's a great guy, but have they ever looked beyond that public persona? There lies a complex and not always such a good guy. Definitely has issues.

John Doe

And now another story featuring that jerk.

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