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March 18, 2008


Margaret Daisley

On a related note, in our recent survey of small firms and solos across the U.S. about their billing rates and alternative billing practices, we (ALM Research) unexpectedly found that female lawyers charge less per hour than males lawyers, regardless of years in practice, geography, and--with a few exceptions--practice area. So what gives? I think it's time someone explored this phenomenom of charging less, as well as being paid less, in depth.

Brian McDonough

Wow. That IS an interesting finding, Margaret. It would be quite a project to tackle, but a really interesting one ...


The most insightful part of this blog's post on the subject was "Could I then not be a sexist racist? Please?" We're all so much more interested in thinking of ourselves as progressive that we'll happily put up with actual racism or sexism to preserve that self-image.

The Portfolio article talks about how nobody wants to discuss the subject. There's an unintentionally hilarious comment from the guy who says there is no sexism anymore, but if there is, it will take another generation to erase. If I may be unlawyerly for a moment: WTF?

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