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July 09, 2007



Looks like they did a great job of shutting him

Evan E. Zelig, Esq.

While I am choosing not to comment too much about the financial situation at Criminal Defense Associates and what happened in regards to the firm shutting down and the State Bar taking over, I would like to comment about the beginning of your Blog entry.

Simply put, working for Robert Nudelman was not a bad experience, as you indicated it might have been in the opening sentence of your blog. Quite to the contrary, it was a pleasure working as an attorney at Criminal Defense Associates and under Robert Nudelman as the managing partner. Mr. Nudelman always worked hard to do the best for all of the CDA clients and staff, and it is unfortunate that the financial situation experienced by Criminal Defense Associates ultimately resulted in his resignation from the State Bar.

Evan E. Zelig, Esq.

Caitlyn Beacham

I'm posting here as a victim of the financial situation at Criminal Defense Associates, my husband desperately needed competent representation after being falsely accused by a woman he had dated and broken up with prior to our meeting each other. We had other counsel who was far from aggressive and my husband's family took loans against all that they had to come up with the 50,000 dollars Mr. Nudelman required, my husband serves his country in the Air Force, we certainly didnt have that kind of money ourselves. Kristine Burke was the lead counsel on the case though we never spoke to her. When the judge here refused to allow our former council to withdraw and for CDA lawyers to help us, it was agreed that they would refund our money. Money that I desperately need to help my husband. My husband has already been assaulted once while inside and was nearly killed, I honestly wonder some nights when I will receive the call to come and claim his body. An innocent man, stuck in a nightmare in the system and there sits Mr. Nudelman and CDA, with the money I need to help my husband. I've appealed to the Client Security Fund and so far there has been no result whatsoever. Its bad enough that it's now about "all the justice you can afford", now even when you scrape and dig to afford it, your cheated all the same.

Kristine Burk

My name is Kristine Burk and I am one of the former attorneys with CDA. After reading Ms. Beacham's comment, I felt the need to personally address her allegation that I represented her husband, but didn't speak to him or her and then abandoned him. First of all, although Ms. Beacham does not identify her husband by name, the facts she describes are not familiar to me. When I handled a case, I always spoke with my clients and their family members. Additionally, I did not abandon any clients where I was the counsel of record but rather represented them all, to the conclusion of their case, pro bono. Given these three things, it is not possible that I was the "lead attorney" for Ms. Beacham's husband and her conclusion that I was the "lead counsel" is not accurate. Rather, I was a trial lawyer at CDA, with a caseload of my own, and a supervisor of other trial lawyers. I can say with confidence that Ms. Beacham's husband was never my personal client, but I do not doubt that he was a client of the firm. Certainly, I am sorry for the difficulties caused to Ms. Beacham and her husband by the closure of CDA. I hope that their current situation can be corrected somehow, including possible recovery from the Client Security Fund.

Caitlyn Beacham

Please accept my apologies, Ms. Burk. I regret that you were misrepresented to my husband and myself by CDA. I used the terminology that was used when the firm spoke with us on several occasions. I am sure you are no more surprised than I am, or anyone who has been a victim of CDA would be, that there was rampant misrepresentation. I appreciate your well wishes and I do hope that the damage caused by this entire situation will be put behind us both very soon. Good luck in your current practice. I will continue fighting for my husband's exoneration and will continue to pray that the means, whatever they may be, to free him and clear his name will be provided.

Again, please accept my apologies for the confusion, we both seem to be suffering from the lies told by others.

Caitlyn Beacham

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