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March 02, 2007



Helen Childress is a pioneering screenwriter. Her place in Hollywood history is beside Lenore Coffee, Frances Marion and Anita Loos. She deserves the respect that her talent merits. A frivolous lawsuit is a crying shame. Childress earned her stripes and is "worthy" of being the voice of a generation that also deserves respect. She should be protected from this kind of nuisance behavior from a third party who clearly has earned quite a bit of publicity and cache from riding on her talent and obstructing her career.

Ad Astra,
Quendrith Johnson

Troy Dyer

Dear Ms. Q:

My company, Dyer Financial, Inc., is completing its research on the case against Helen Childress and Universal. Recently, and came across your misinformed
comments regarding my lawsuit (as being frivolous).
You do not know the definition of the word. You know
even less about my life. I do indeed agree with you that Helen is hard-working, but not necessarily talented with respect to the final draft of "Reality Bites" --as much of her dialogue was taken from me (and others) verbatim. Thank you for your future research and proper considerations before posting knee-jerk and ornery commentaries at online legal blogs or websites.

Troy Dyer


Oh Troy, you must be a very unhappy person. Won't you find another way to vent your anger or try to gain some satisfaction in life rather than trying trample others? Life is short.

Rachel Summers

The above most likely wasn't Dyer; hopefully, he'd know better than to discuss details of a suit he was just beginning to pursue.

I'm sympathetic to Ms. Childress, but she really should have changed the name--it's standard operating procedure for studios to research character names and places and make sure they're not too similar in various aspects to existing persons/locales (unless of course, the person/place is meant to be more or less biographical). Her claim that she was given permission informally by Dyer may be correct, but a verbal agreement won't hold up in court.

I guess the moral is: get everything in writing, lest your friends stop being just that?

Kind of a sad coda to this film--the supposed 'idealistic philosopher' turns out to be more like the 'yuppie executive' after all. But hey, the latter persona is assuredly better for his career. Like a really aggressive form of image maintenance...

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