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January 13, 2011



That facebook still struggles to identify a consistent profit source illustrates that a number of elements on the site may have contributed to its notoriety. That individual members have not shared in the benefits of that notoriety - to an extent that the company has recieved valuations in excess of $50 billion, it seems possible but not probable for a claimant to establish damages.

Ben Buchwalter

I'm generally skeptical of Facebook's privacy policies. But I also feel that people joining Facebook should expect little to no privacy of what they post on the site and engage cautiously. Since there seems to be relatively little precedent on this topic, I'm very interested to see how lawsuitslike these turn out.


David, You must be a lawyer. I have no idea what you just said.

Christopher Hinn

I think it should not be given much merit if the complain did not cause injury to the complainant. I think facebook also should create a term and agreement before a user could become a member. In such a way both would know their limitations.


Michael Rhodes is also Facebook's attorney in Leader Technologies, Inc. v. Facebook, Inc., 08-cv-862-JJF/LPS (D.Del. 2008). After reading Leader's appeal in this case, it appears that Facebook's games at trial are going to come undone. From reading this extensive insight into the Leader vs. Facebook trial, it would appear that Mark Zuckerberg hired a law firm that is willing to cut ethical corners just like he does. Read for yourself. It is fascinating. Also, if any of us hope to survive future smear attacks, we all need to be cheering for Leader to win on appeal.

David Clark

I still think the downfall of Facebook or possibly even Google in the future will be caused by users fear of dwindling privacy. When you think about it, it would only take one impaction event to start the downward spiral and masses leaving these type of data hungry sites.

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