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November 12, 2010


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J Armistead

Any chance that you can put up a link that's not password protected for the complaint against Lamebook?

Gypsy Rose Lee

Your link is not correct - it takes us to your email, not to the PDF.


Hi all,

The link has been updated - you should be able to access the complaint now. My apologies for any confusion!

The Nerdy Nurse

If it's not a facebook clone and clearly a parody then it is very much protected under 1st amendment rights. Also facebook is just slamming them with free publicity.

ghd hair straightener

It's either a joke, but more likely a test of the PACER system by the court IT folks that should have been deleted, but wasn't. Don't laugh though - IT tests have sometimes been much worse, like using people's REAL information and credit card numbers in testing commerce systems...

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