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March 26, 2010


Chester Law Firm

That is an aweful case! In the UK a man who had fallen into a diabetic coma on a bus was tasered three times by officers as he didnt respond to their orders. He only survived because he managed to regain some conciousness in the van on the way to the station and alerted them of his condition. He just made it to hospital and was in intensive care for weeks. Luckily for him, as soon as he had begun a civil case against the police they agreed a six figure out of court settlement.

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This sounds miserable. I cannot believe that this actually happened, but in this world I should not be surprised.


This is ridiculous. Police officers should be limited to using their tasers to dealing with violent arrestees and when there is a clear threat to there safety. I wasn't there when this happened, but it seems that the mother did not present an obvious threat. Police officers may be able to use their tasers on pregnant women, but only if their life depends on it- not when handing out traffic tickets.


At 75 with 28 years military,following years with school yard bullies, and a six month tour with the military police during the Viet Nam era; I have observed and experienced bullies once given power over others. Far too many of these people gravitate to police work, or become prosecutors. I have very strong negative feelings about those police officers who abuse their power. For protection, I obey their commands, and the law as I know it. I trust no police person, unless I know them personally. THAT IS NOT THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!
Not intending to condemn all police officers, far too many are natural bullies and abuse their power. Cowards and bullies tend to gravitate to this time of work because it conceals them from their bullying abuse. There is a code in the police forces, do not rat on a fellow officer, or become ostracized. Unfortunatly, there is little that can be done to rid the system of those types before the damange is done.

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