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December 02, 2009


Gregory Reyes

I don't understand a Trial Do-Over? It seems like a waste of time, for everyone. What will Reeves have this time that is different from last? I mean he had to lie to the jury? Why do these CEOs and their families have to go through this again? It's sad.


I completely agree... Backdating is not even a crime. Let's spend our tax dollars going after the criminals we really want off the streets!!

Patrick Johnston

Incredible! This man and his family has been through enough just to satisfy someone else's ambitions. The abuse of power and the court system is reprehensible. This decent man should be held in high esteem as a role model for business ethics, hard work and citizenship.

Henry Robinson

Totally agree with Patrick. In the first trial, the prosecution flat out "lied". Judge Breyer was aware of it, did nothing, the Appellate court called it a "mis-statement", but let's those same individuals do it again. Figure that out.

Kelly King

Well folks, the trial began. I've been reading some blogs from the court room and it looks like the prosecution is doing a great job making a case for the defense. Hooray for Greg! Can't wait to see how this pans out.

Account Deleted

Reyes is a convicted felon and received justice. His argument
that only the CFO and Finance Department understood the accounting
implications was ridiculous. Reyes has shown no remorse for his criminal
conduct, which has cost Brocade millions and millions of dollars. His only
regret is that he was caught.

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