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November 16, 2009


Brad Henschel, JD

The LA Superior Courts already have security guards and only ONE Sheriff deputy on duty, in case someone needs to be arrested. The alleged Security makes attorneys and court personnel go through the metal detectors unnecessarily thereby clogging up the long lines leading into the courthouses in LA COUNTY. LA County is as big as some states on the east coast. It is bigger than Road Island. But judicial paranoia has no boundry so everyone must be screened. Then there is the 9th floor, where another, much less vigilant pair or trio of real Sheriffs screen everyone again. Those paranoid judges on the 9th floor don't trust the security on the first floor. Judges are a dime a dozen as they come from attorneys. Why are we forcing the public to give up their first amendment rights just because they have to enter a courthouse and appear in court upon penalty of a warrant being issued against them. It is especially unnecessary for the court personnel and attorneys and jurors, all of whom have been pre-screened. This reminds me of the King of Spain who had a lisp. He changes the language, Castillian Spanish, from say besa to betha, so he wouldn't look or sound like an idiot. It seems we haven't come very far as a species after all.

Brad Henschel, JD

Why can we go into any other Government building, except the IRS that is, without giving up our 4th amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure, which the search of all of the public certainly is, but we have to give up those 4th amendment rights to enter a courthouse, which is the place where those rights are supposed to be protected? Talk about 1984 big brother. As for the sheriffs, who needs them? 30 low wage security guards equal one high paid Sheriff. IF someone needs to be arrested call the local police. Department store security guards do it all the time with thieves. Think about it, we go into malls all over this country and other stores with lots of people in them, no unreasonable search is needed. We have bought into the delusions of self-importance and paranoia of the courts. We need to get over it.

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