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November 18, 2009


Alcorn State

Reinhardt is among the many California federal judges who are, collectively, a disgrace to the national judiciary. These judges care only about reaching a certain liberal result, instead of about faithfully applying the law. Thank God for the US Supreme Court, which has shown no hesitation to summarily reverse Reinhardt and smack him down.

The Senate should block those of Obama's appointees who will likewise use the bench to impose their vision of a perfect society, instead of simply applying the law as written. This era of ACLU activists wearing robes and enjoying lifetime tenure must stop immediately.

Greg S.

Kozinski followed suit today, In re Golinski. As was true with his January order, Kozinski skirted DOMA's constitutional issues. Unlike Reinhardt, he ordered the OPM to butt out of the process such that the court's Administrative Office can secure the necessary coverage (heavy on the separation of powers). He also designated today's order for publication (and likewise published his January Order).

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