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October 07, 2009


John J. Nazarian P.I.

What is happening to San Francisco? What Eric Safire did not too many years ago would have been considered good lawyering. As a defense attorney he is obligated to pull all the stops out on his defense of his clients. Note: He has always done this, to some degree if he had not someone should have been surprised. Can anyone tell me if you were sitting in the young man's shoes and looking at murder charges you would not want to have a lawyer such as Eric Safire?
It was certainly 'high' theatrics but witness intimidation? The mere fact that this witness showed up had to show that she was not intimidated and wanted to tell what she saw....and any good defense would want to make sure that is what'in fact' that she saw.....a gold tooth.
Do not misunderstand me, the vicious acts of these animals that would kill someone for a piece of jewelry is repulsive enough.....but everyone deserves the best defense they can afford.
John Nazarian


Eric Safire has done much worse than this, much worse even in this case alone, let alone his career. His staff makes calls to witnesses, scaring them to leave town, sometimes making allegations that the witnesses will get arrested if they show up in court.

florida auto injury lawyer

I agree with Folkwolf. Eric Safire has done much worse than this. Let him be.


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