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October 16, 2009


Ana Zamora

That's an odd comment for O'Malley to make, considering Alameda County has sentenced 11 people to death since 2002... Truth is, Alameda County’s rate of seeking death sentences is 3%, wich is twice the statewide average and four times the national average. I think O'Malley needs to check her facts.

John Walters

I am not surprised if O'Malley is lying about the death penalty cases, she is quite a liar generally. The Alameda County Family Justice Center is kind of her pet project. In a press release, she claimed the ACFJC had helped, "20,000 victims and their families" The true number was about 3,000 people, and that included family members. I got the true number from the reports the ACFJC is required to file with their funding agency, USDOJ. It's a crime to lie to the DOJ, it's not a crime to lie to the public. When I asked for the Public Records which would show how the false press release was created, O'Malley lied some more and claimed not to have any records except one vague email from her PR firm, Glen Price Group. By the way, why does a domestic violence agency need a PR firm taking money away from real services for the victims? Additionally, O'Malley was involved in an illegal hiring of Bill Lockyer's wife Nadia. Why illegal? Because under both state law regarding elected officials, and Federal grant laws, insiders are not allowed to use their power or position for personal gain, which is what the Lockyer's did with O'Malley's help.

What's the phrase prosecutors like "conciousness of guilt"? Well, O'Malley knew the hiring was dirty, so she set up two separate committees to choose the new head of ACFJC. But each committe of four had two DA staffers subordinate to O'Malley, so she could block all other candidates with a tie vote, and prevent Lockyer from being rejected likewise.

Very dirty, and when the OVW head at DOJ heard about it she was mad but then she got caught up in Alberto Gonzales scandal, so, with the luck of the Irish, O'Malley got in no trouble for it. But she's still very dirty.

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