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September 15, 2009



“If the highest court in the nation can appoint the first Latina woman, then why can’t we appoint a woman to district attorney of Alameda County?” said Supervisor Scott Haggerty.

Um, the highest court didn't appoint the first Latina woman, President Obama did, and the Senate confirmed her. The highest court had absolutely NO SAY.

Victoria DeBray

Nate Miley's comments sound like "sour grapes" and racism because a white woman was nominated instead of a black man for the job. Perhaps he should get to know Nancy O'Malley and see the outstanding work she has done to fight against child molesting and put those damage people who hurt innocent children in jail where they belong.


I have worked with Nancy O'Malley on and off for 15 years... she is committed to:

Giving second chances to those previously convicted of crime

Justice for crime victims

Preventing family violence and serving those affected by it

Social justice

Committed to working on good laws and great enforcement in both Alameda County and throughout the state

She is smart, hard-working, likeable, and the best person for the job! Glad the board made the appointment... and she has my vote next summer!

John Cocktoastin

Why didn't Carson and Miley be just as transparent as they want the County to be and say "We don't want a white person, female or not, as the DA.

John Walters

Nancy O'Malley is a lying political schemer, and Kim Hunter for example certainly knows that.

Witness the way she engineered the hiring of Bill Lockyer's wife Nadia as head of the Alameda County Family Justice Center. She had to make it look objective, becuase Federal and State law do not allow an Attorney General to order his wife be hired, so she had two committees to pick the person, but she stacked the committees with people subordinate to herself, DA staff.

Also, both Lockyer and O'Malley lied when they put out press releases falsely claiming ACFJC had helped 20,00 victims of domestic violence. The true number was less than 1/6th of that, as given in their reports to the Feds who fund them. Liars and schemers both, peas in a pod.

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