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September 03, 2009


John Doe

Of course there should be protest and boycotts. People who hold the wrong views must be economically punished. There is no point in trying to convince these Prop 8 people that their views are flawed or incorrect. Nope, the only solution is to coerce them into believing what we do. The only way democracy can function is if people who hold the wrong views are intimidated from expressing them. As we all know, the blacklists during the 50's were one of our nation's proudest moments; it is good to see those tactics are being use more often. People who support Prop 8 or who oppose Obamacare must be silenced. That is the sign of a strong and confident movement that truly supports the values of our nation.

Andrea Carlise

The planned protest is not about silencing Prop 8 supporters, it's about exercising our right to free speech and exposing those who support Prop 8 to political pressure from that exposure. These are values that are at the core of American Patiotism, just like equality (including marriage equality) for all. Clearly John Doe has missed the point.


The post is not entirely accurate. The State Bar moved the swearing-in ceremony only days ago, and may have even done so in response to BALIF's planned protests. Until the Bar moved the event, the published itinerary for the meeting indicated the swearing-in ceremony would be at the Hyatt. Most of the other activities at the annual meeting take place at the Hyatt and those attendees who plan to see the swearing-in ceremony will certainly have to pass through or by the protests on their way to the Marriott.

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