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August 20, 2009



If there was a fairly godmother, she'd probably tell County officials to cough up the public records by midnight or face a pumpkin-sized lawsuit.

After all, there's no page limit on the public's right to see public records, even when the request is "voluminous."

The public records law is clear, clearly the County is required to comply with the law, and according to the suit filed by Prison Legal News, clearly it hasn't.

As blogs such as this one are arguably members of the Fourth Estate, you'd think they would support fellow media agencies like Prison Legal News that try to lift the veil on what public officials are doing with the public's money.

As for that "alarming amount" of photocopying, County officials should be notified about recent technological advances that could help them cut down on such arduous work, like "scanners" that convert documents into electronic images.

We could let them know about such things using other new-fangled devices such as "telephones" or perhaps even "e-mail."

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