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August 18, 2009


Don Tremaine

This is great news for Greg. He was very good for Brocade and the employees in general. There were a few that did not like Greg, and they were few; most of the employees were quite fond of him. When he left Brocade, the company went downhill. That was one of the biggest reasons I left Brocade. Greg was a personable guy who knew most of the employees by name.


Congratulations Greg! We knew they would have nothing on you! What a wonderful man, and what a tragedy if he were to be taken away from our community.

Account Deleted

I have met Greg at Brocade a couple of times - related to other business not the stock options. The meetings lasted about 20 min each. He had a couple of big deals on the plate going on at that time, so was distracted, but he was genuine and followed up on his commitment to get our deal done. The various ex Brocade employees I have spoken with still say good things about him as a person so I think this issue is going to not get a big way ahead.

Diane Fox

I haven't had the chance to meet gregory reyes personally though I find this whole situation really unfair since I know backdating is not a crime and a very common business practice nowadays.

Craig Miller

I share your opinion, backdating is only illegal when is kept as a secret and we all know now everyone was aware of the situation.

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