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July 21, 2009


Joe Reisinger

Fishkin says:

I'm delighted to see Jerry Fishkin is adding his 2 cents worth on the mortgage modification mess. While I don't recall having ever met Mr. Fiskhin, before my retirement from hardcore insurance defense practice, I defended a fair number of lawyers: mainly on E&O claims that often morphed into breach of fiduciary duty cases.

In the conversation about what path these "clients" (insureds) took to become defendants in a civil action, Fishkin's name often came up in the context of "If only I had done what Fishkin had said...".

Since this scenario pretty consistently repeated itself for nearly three decades, I speculate that if Mr. Fishkin says a certain area is ripe with legal/ethical pitfalls, he's most likely correct.

olique estefan

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Ron Stone

Truly dangerous waters but real, sincere, professional mortgage modification assistance is desperately needed today.


It is absolutely shocking the state of the mortgage and workplace, and innocent people are paying for the banks mistakes. On top of this, savers are nowing being hit by no interest, where is the justice in all this.

Ron Stone

I ran across a firm that says they can do a loan redo (they don't call it a modification) as it results in a new loan for people under water who have been paying on time and with decent credit (620 mid). They say they have a staff of attorneys that have a 93% success rate (for home owners that qualify) and the net result is a new lower interest loan for the lower value with no credit hit. Ever heard of such?

REO Properties for Sale

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Cricket McMillin

Attorneys can't do modifications because they don't know how. I live in Florida and the stories I hear about how attorneys have ripped off clients in this field is unbelievable. I have been in the mortgage industry for nearly 40 years but currently hold no licenses. It is my knowledge as having done my own underwriting and processing that has given me the knowledge to get them done. I started with my own over 3 years ago, and when it sailed right through I knew I could help others. So I started a business out of a home office and have been doing them for 3 years, with a 100% success rate. Not everyone can qualify for a modification and when they don't I send these people to other programs and organizations, but the ones I do, get done. Recently I went to a seminar on foreclosures given by an attorney. It was the most depressing thing I've ever sat through, so much so, that a few people got up and left. I couldn't stand it anymore and spoke up about modifications and that I do them, etc. Next thing I know I get a letter from the Division of Consumer Affairs shutting me down because I don't have a mortgage brokers license and that I am in jeopardy of going to jail and having to return fees. The attorneys take up front fees of more than $2500 and charge monthly fees to keep the people in their homes for 30 days at a time. I charge a flat fee of $699.00 and get them done. There is no justice, my clients will suffer and now I have to find another source of income. I am 65 years old, on SS and now I have to go find a job. When will the Government stop butting in? I am helping people, charge a modest fee and I'm mad as hell.

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