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June 02, 2009


jane smith

More nonsense from the entitled children. All he's asking is that people try to show up by 9:30 am, and he even gives latitude for practice groups to make exceptions to that. I hardly think this is a "stupid overbearing" memo. Showing up for work at the regular time your boss requests of you is just how the world works.


Harumph, indeed. This issue is so generational; "In my day, we had to do it, so I don't see why you lazy kids can't do it too" (even if work conditions have changed to the point that it's pointless to get in at a certain hour if not one extra item gets accomplished thereby). Just because Jane Smith and this Charles Kerr are morning people, they are trying to force that habit on everyone else when there is no need. Haven't they ever heard of the second shift? As long as you put in the daily hours, who cares when they are done? When these up-before-dawn types are putting on their Victorian nightcaps and crawling into bed at 8:30 pm after a hot brandy, the rest of us are just getting started. If the dinosaurs want their firms to survive, *they* are the ones who need to adapt.

Paul J

Work conditions have changed? Yeah, try finding a job if you can't follow simple rules. Look the normal work day is still 9-5. That's when client's and other lawyers expect to find you at work. And, the boss is the boss is the boss. Employees don't get to decide when to come to work or when the imaginary "second shift" starts. If the boss wants you at work at 9 then get there by 9. If you can't even perform that simple task then find another job (if you can).

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