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June 26, 2009



Ahh, the witch hunt continues. It is not enough for Obama to have won, the far-left now feels it must go and persecute those who disagree with them. There is no substance to this complaint; anyone who has actually read the memos knows that the lawyers were sincerely grappling with difficult legal issues. But that doesn't fit the NLG narrative -- they want to paint those who disagree with them as evil. So they are trying to criminalize holding different political opinions. Even if they don't succeed, their clear goal is to intimidate people in the future. Why the electoral process is not sufficient for them is unclear; unfortunately, this sort of intolerance is all too prevelant on the left.

C Villarreal

This article seems like a weak attempt to smear our chapter. Implying that we were not aware or were ill informed about Haynes' status with the state bar, but then acknowledging that we were aware. Haynes works for Chevron as an attorney because the California State Bar has granted him that privilege through its special status of in-house-counsel - a status that requires attorneys to follow all the same ethical rules as any other California attorney. So revoking that status would obviously have a significant effect on his career and hopefully serve as a significant deterrent to future torture advocates. We are also working with our counterparts in D.C., where Haynes is a fully-registered member, to file another complaint.

As for the comment from SFBurke: Read the Senate Armed Services Report that came out in April and it will be obvious that Haynes and other attorneys weren't "grappling with difficult legal issues," they were straining to create legal cover for acts that were already ongoing and that the leadership wanted to continue and expand - producing opinions that ignored international and domestic law as well as basic moral decency - and opinions that were all later rescinded while still under Republican leadership. We absolutely want to intimidate people from doing this in the future - its called deterrence and it is part of why the criminal justice system and the state bar ethics complaint system exist.

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