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June 24, 2009



Thomas H. Schulte is arguably one of the most inept jurists in Orange County. It is not coincidental that a commissioner who, himself, is prone to temper tantrums, bizarre ruling based solely on emotion (and neither the law nor the facts), and a never ending soap box ruled in such a manner. Taking a look at this commissioner's appellate record of reversals and remands is all one needs to see. Sit for an afternoon in his courtroom and he will curl your hair with his rulings. He was recently assigned by the family law supervising judge to the self represented calendar. That is probably because many members of the family law bar do not stipulate to him (his bizarre rulings and complete lack of regard for the law is well known throughout the bar) and that was about the only way to ensure he had a calendar to call. I realize he has befallen a great personal tragedy with the loss of his wife and son and that would shake up any person - lawyer, judge or otherwise - but if he is unable to handle the job (as is evident from his history), it is time to step down and let someone else do so.

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