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June 18, 2009


John Walters

Ronald Bass is about as oily as you can get. Nothing would surprise me from this guy. Wasn't he accused of some serious misconduct in another case a few years back? I have personal experience of him, and the guy and he certainly did not act professionally or responsibly in my matter. Hopefully everything will come out.

John Walters

Of course, to a lot of people this will appear kind of chickenscratch and not somethnig to be taken seriously, and I would tend to agree if Bass was not such a sleaze. If an honest person did something like that, you would think he let his desire to make a joke go a bit over the top, but Bass, as I said, all bets are off. Basically, his character is pretty well reflected in his looks, and if you've seen the man, you know what that means. I do believe the part about a lot of drinking, I think Bass' nose stayed red for years on end.

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