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June 05, 2009


Hal Hewell

Brian -

Neither Janine Sugawara nor her first amended complaint stated that she believed "crunchberries" was a real fruit (check it out on Pacer, along with our motion for reconsideration to get the full story). Your contention that she did is simply false and has exposed her to widespread (and unwarranted) ridicule.
Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.... You owe her an apology.

- Hal Hewell

Brian McDonough

Hal -- Hiya. From Judge England's order I gather that the suit is about there not being berries in the "crunch berries," and the joke that "who'd think crunch berries were real?" is, you're right, taking a little license. Whether someone finds that a true deceptive practice worthy of litigation is in the beholder's eye. The post points the way to Judge England's more reasoned explanation of the facts and his decision ... thanks for offering further clarity here.

You've got to be kidding


I am a class-action lawyer in CA who specializes in representing consumers in legitimate cases brought under the UCL and CLRA. I know this area of the law extremely well and I am familiar with the facts of your case and your legal arguments. This case is a disgrace. Please drop it. California consumers have suffered greatly these past few years because meritless cases like this one have given tort reformers the fodder they need to persuade voters to pass ballot measures aimed at gutting consumer protection law. The tort reformers do not need any more poster children to trot out on election day. Again, please do California consumers a favor and drop this lawsuit.

Hal is a pathetic loser

Hal, thanks for giving the legal profession a bad name. scumbags like you have no business posing as a lawyer. nice try, idiot.


WHAT!?!?!? You mean Cap'n Crunch isn't a REAL PERSON?!?!?


He's not even a Captain! Fraud!

Perhaps Hal should move on and sue Fruit Loops. Apparently, a Fruit Loop is not a real fruit. Wait, he already did!

DT Jackson Brown

This is a joke, right? I love Crunchberry's

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