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March 26, 2009


the kat

You want to see a real state bar attack dog check out us dis ct central 08 1270


A few years ago, I complained to the State Bar about the services of my then attorney and his outrageous fees. Mr. Konig was assigned to my case and he was nothing other than professional, courteous, and seemed to care. He got my money back and discipline for my former attorney. I have tried to keep up with his lawsuit for this reason and the attorneys in this state should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the State Bar to do what it has done to Mr. Konig using your membership fees. It has lied it seems every time it writes anything about Mr. Konig and seems to have these judges in its back pocket. If the Bar would stop playing games, and allow the truth to be told in front of a jury, I dare say all of you attorneys would be shocked and outraged at what your membership dues have paid for.

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