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February 11, 2009


Anonymous Contract Lawyer

The flippant comment about CDCR needing "sensitivity training" for issues of inmate violence completely disregards the work officers do. Transgendered inmates raise a number of complex questions in the prisons, not the least of which is minimization of violence between inmates.
And the court's ruling that officers are liable for inmate on inmate violence and attacks, combined with Prison Receiver Kelso's plan for changing prison healthcare, is at odds with current economic conditions. The Governor's decision to furlough officers, cut or freeze pay, and the cancellation of officer training academies means there won't be enough officers to do everything the various court decisions require.


The Guards MUST provide some type of safety and/or protection. It is part of their job- inmate, staff & facility safety. Back in the 90's the guards at a prison in CA were actually putting on Gladiator fights-was national news. Whats changed? Not a lot...

Set The Record Straight

Hey PrisonMovement, the same Federal Court system that issued the ruling stating that the [i]officers[/i] are duty bound to protect inmates cleared the officers of the accusations of staging "Gladiator Fights". Or do we have selective memory?

I agree with "Anonymous Contract Lawyer ". Flippant comments minimize the difficulty of working in an overcrowded, understaffed prison system that lacks management that is capable of the strategic vision and proper policies to protect the inmates, staff and the public. It's easy to blame "prison guards" in a poorly written fluff piece, it's a little more difficult to address the fact that she's going after a system that forces any inmate to“challeng[ing] prison policies that place transgender inmates, such as [plaintiff], who have the physical appearance of women, in the male inmate population without any meaningful precaution to the obvious
risk of sexual assault to them.”

Think the "guards" on the tiers at Folsom decided to house her in their prison? Think again.


In Regard to PrisonMovements comment about the "Gladiator Fights". Those officers have been exhonerated, and cleared of all charges. It was by a decision of thier peers that they were deemed as false. Any if in the case tha tit were in fact true are you going to hold all of the 50,000+ Officers accountable for the actions of less than 10?

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