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January 27, 2009


Veris, LLP

Thanks for the post. I haven't seen this elsewhere. My first reaction was that this is a bad business move for a service industry. Regardless of conviction, Prop 8 was the majority position, and still others would sympathize with those being boycotted for public participation. It is not difficult to determine who the boycotters are here, exposing them to a counter boycott.

D. Niknejad

Melanie Aldridge

I support the State Bar in keeping the meeting at its current location. If the Bar moved the meeting, then once again the Bar would be involving itself in political matters unrelated to the practice of law. The issue for the Bar is whether the hotel will provide the services it needs for a price that is reasonable. I assume the Bar already made that decision when it picked the hotel in the first place. Perhaps if the Bar acted more business-like in general, we would not be facing the deficit mentioned by the Bar president.

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